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Our Travelers’ Reviews

My husband and I used Emilie from France Just For You to plan a special trip for our anniversary. We loved the fact that our trip had structure, but at the same time, we had freedom to explore as we wished. We also loved the fact that the trip included guided tours, but we were not tied to a tour group as such. Emilie planned our trip according to …
My wife & I completed a 2 week self-driving tour engaging the thorough and knowledgeable services of Emilie A France Just for You. Every detail was flawlessly accounted for, GPS app, wonderful B&B's, and she planned our itinerary according to our desires. The advantage of enlisting her is to get a reality check on time spent in each area as well as …
We would highly recommend “France Just for You” and will most defiantly use the services of Emilie again. At the end of April 2017 we spend two weeks in France visiting Normandy, Mont Saint Michel, Lorie Valley and Paris. We can would sum the trip in one word “Perfect!”. Emilie well prepared us with a personalized book, (179 pages) , describing our …

Our Travelers’ Photos

From the US
Cycling in the Loire Valley vineyards
Cynthia & Roger
from the US
Wine Tasting in the Loire Valley
Our guide with Jean's team
In the quicksands in Mont Saint Michel bay
The Loo Family
From Malaysia
Visiting an out of the beaten track abbey in the Loire valley, with its owner
Patricia, Brandon, Alyssa & Anika
from Canada
in a cellar in the Loire Valley
Chee Keong & Zack
From Malaysia
On Pegasus Bridge in Normandy for the D-Day celebrations
From the US
In Villandry gardens in the Loire Valley
Ruth & Mary-Ann
From the US
In front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Georgia & Matt from Australia
Cooking fresh stawberries from Carpentras in Provence
From Australia
Celebrating her 40th birthday in the Loire Valley
The Rimlinger Family
from Australia
Came to find out about their French ancestors
Lindsay & David
From the US
Enjoying a romantic vacation in France