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ID, passeports, visas, driving licence...What do I need to travel to France?

Do I need a visa to travel to France?

Being a US or Canadian or Australian citizen, traveling to France as a tourist, you only need a valid passport, no visa.

For other citizenship, please use our visa widget to get the most updated information.

Can I use my driving license for a rental car in France?

Rule is: as long as your drivers license is written in roman alphabet, it will be accepted by a car rental agency.

So: US, Canadian, Australian drivers licenses are accepted and you don't need to get an international drivers license. 

Be careful, you licenses & passports need to be valid - check the expiration dates before traveling. 

What if I lose my documents while in France?

In such case, we recommend that you contact us on the emergency phone line and we will assist you and put you in contact with the right administration.

To take a look at the procedure depending on your country of origin:


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