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Tours of Dordogne: Heritage & Nature

From the limestone plateaux down to the luxuriant valleys, Perigord and neighbouring Quercy are lands of contrasts. Three rivers intersect them - the Dordogne, Lot and Vezere. Our self guided tours of Dordogne take you on an adventure through French history. From prehistoric to medieval times through the glorious Renaissance period, your Dordogne driving itinerary will include a bit of everything.

Taste regional food, including roasted duck and goose, explore medieval towns and discover the beautiful French countryside and prehistoric caves. Our Dordogne driving itinerary will give you a taste of the best of French scenery, history, cuisine and culture.


Dordogne river valley

Dordogne river valley


How to Get to the Dordogne

Dordogne is more than 300 miles away from Paris in the South West of France. While it is possible to get a train from Paris to Dordogne, this is a less convenient option. There are no direct TGV trains to Périgueux, so journeys from Paris often take between 4.5 and 5.5 hours. We recommend taking the TGV high-speed train down to Bordeaux and pick up your hire car from there. Alternatively, if you don't want to spend time in Paris, fly directly in to Bordeaux or Toulouse. From there you will only have a 2-3 hour drive to Dordogne, with plenty to see along the way.

If you decide to drive from Paris to Dordogne, make sure the passenger has a camera ready. You will be cruising past some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world. It takes just over 5 hours to drive from Paris to Dordogne, so we'll plan rest-stops in the Loire Valley. We warmly recommend this route for the beautiful places you'll see along the way. You will stop for lunch in one of the Loire Valley's beautiful villages before continuing your journey feeling refreshed.


farmers markets tours of dordogne france

Make your own savory picnic lunch from one of Dordogne farmers markets


Places to visit in the Dordogne

The first thing you'll notice as you drive through Dordogne is the truly awesome scenery. The Dordogne boasts valleys and gorges, craggy mountain-tops and carefully sculpted botanical gardens. Our tours of Dordogne take you to the most beautiful viewpoints, so you'll experience French nature at its best.

Dordogne is also famous for its extensive heritage spanning across the ages. This takes the form of prehistoric caves, medieval towns and castles and beautiful villages suspended in time. It also has a strong food tradition that forms part of its heritage. We will make sure your Dordogne itinerary includes the best places to go for extraordinary culinary experiences.

Here are some more things to do and places to visit in the Dordogne. We would be happy to include any or all of these in your Dordogne driving itinerary:

The Caves of the Dordogne

The Dordogne has an abundance of gorgeous architecture and natural beauty. But arguably its most spectacular feature is its prehistoric caves filled with original prehistoric art. The prehistoric cave paintings in this region date back to between 12,000 and 20,000 years ago. The caves have become one of the most fascinating attractions in the country.

Many caves - such as the original cave at Lascaux - have been closed for conservation purposes. Furthermore, those that remain open - such as the Font de Gaume cave (about 1km east of Les Eyzies) - will only accept a limited number of visitors each day. These are also likely to close within the next 5-10 years to preserve the prehistoric art. We warmly recommend trying to see these wonderful prehistoric cave paintings before they are cordoned off from the public forever. Normally, we have to make bookings about 8 months in advance to have the best chance of getting tickets.

We are well acquainted with the caves of the Dordogne. Based on our experience, we will recommend popular caves and chasms such as Lascaux or Padirac. But we will also guide you to some of our favorites that few tourists know about. This way you will get a taste of this incredible part of French history. 

tours of Dordogne prehistoric caves trip to france

Paintings of bison dating back 12,000 to 15,000 years

The Dordogne’s Medieval Fortresses

Above ground, Dordogne boasts an astonishing number of castles and fortresses, dating as far back as the medieval era. It may not be an exaggeration when they say that Dordogne is the region of a thousand castles. We haven't counted them all, but there are a LOT and we would love to guide you to our favorites. Unfortunately, not all are open to the public but those that are, are well worth seeing. We love Castelnaud la Chapelle, Château de Beynac and les Milandes, which was once owned by Josephine Baker. Visitors may tour these on foot or view them from unique vantage points of the Dordogne River. We are happy to organise canoe trips or excursions on a comfortable gabarre boat, depending on your preferences.

Exploring the majestic halls and magnificent staircases of these chateaux transports you back hundreds of years to when the feudal system reigned supreme.


Dordogne valley in France from Castelnaud

Gorgeous view over the Dordogne Valley & Castelnaud medieval fortress


Beautiful Gardens in Dordogne

Although the medieval castles are a wondrous sight, the grounds outside often steal their thunder. The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac are quite magnificent and you may enjoy wandering through its leafy avenues for many hours. If you visit in the summer, stay till nightfall and experience the magic of candlelit Thursday nights.

Not only are the gardens themselves spectacular, but some have outstanding views of the Dordogne region and its chalky cliffs.

Beyond Marqueyssac, the Eyrignac Gardens are another example of the great outdoors, sculpted and manicured to perfection. The entire complex consists of seven different gardens, each with its own charm and delights. You can admire the hedge sculptures, visit the Chinese pagoda and discover the herbs and spices in the Kitchen Garden. On a fine day, there is no better place to be than one of the beautiful gardens in Dordogne..


Mouth-Watering Local Produce

When it comes to cuisine, the Dordogne has much to be proud of. We'll help you discover the wide range of local produce at one of the many farmers’ markets in Dordogne. These take place every day of the week in different towns. As you wander through the market, stop to try a sample of what they have on offer at different stalls. We guarantee you will leave laden down with delicious treats.

Typical food of the Dordogne includes cabécou goat’s cheese, foie gras, duck confit and walnut cake. There is also a special dish known as pomme de terres sarladaises.This consists of three ingredients: potatoes, garlic and goose fat - simple yet satisfying. You can also find truffles and related products such as truffle oil in this region. If you have a taste for gourmet, let us know - we're sure you'll enjoy a fantastic day out truffle-hunting!

dordogne france gastronomy truffle hunting

Go truffle hunting in Dordogne with a local producer 


Beautiful Villages in the Dordogne: Authenticity Without Equal

It is well known that this region has the highest concentration of beautiful villages in France. These include the medieval town of Sarlat La Canéda, the beautiful village of Saint Amand de Coly, as well as RocamadourMartel and La Roque Gageac. Your Dordogne driving itinerary will include opportunities to stroll along cobbled streets and enjoy the slow, provincial pace of life. Enjoy a pastry in one of the quaint village cafés and sit outside watching the world go by.

While we know the wonder and enchantment of the Dordogne, this marvellous region has managed to stay under the radar. This is a blessing in disguise for visitors. The region has maintained an authentic, local atmosphere, having so far avoided the influx of tourists. This means you will have space to explore the Dordogne valley away from the tourist crowds.

The Dordogne looks like a landscape from the pages of a fairytale. Thick swathes of green fringe the glistening river that runs through this region of stunning chateaux and hidden caves.

A favorite getaway for both tourists and French holidaymakers, the Dordogne holds enough beauty and charm to enthral even the most weary of travelers. So what are you waiting for?

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