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How can I buy my tour? Is payment secured?

You can purchase a tour with a secure wire transfer or online with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Paypal).

Payment schedule:

  • 30% down payment to confirm the booking
  • 70% balance payment due 45 days prior arrival to France 

France Just For You is part of the APST, the French Tour Operator Association. Thanks to this profesionnal association, deposits are guaranteed, so the total of the pre-paid amount sent will be refunded in the case of any tour operator failure.

Which type of debit/credit cards can I use in France?

  • Debit cards will not be of any help in France. Only credit cards are accepted for payment or to withdraw cash from French ATMs.
  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted in all places where you can pay by credit cards. American Express is not as common as in the US. You should always ask before considering using it.
  • Some paying machines - such as tolls on the highways - have sometimes troubles to process foreign credit cards, so it's better to always carry some cash with you (maybe about 100 to 200€). 


What is the French currency? Can I pay with a foreign currency in France?

The French currency is the Euro (). You cannot buy anything in France with another currency. A very good option is get some Euros before departure and to withdraw Euros in French ATMs with your credit cards.

French people are not used to carry a lot of cash, please be careful if you have some.


Which French banks (or ATM) should I go to while in France?

If you carry a Visa or MasterCard, any French ATM should work.

Your bank might have some rate agreements with international French banks. To save money on commissions, you should get this type of information before departure at your bank.


Which amount can I pay in cash/credit card?


You can pay any amount in cash. Try not to get bills over 50€ as they might be rejected in some shops.


In small shops, make sure that credit cards are allowed. For amounts below 15€, it will be appreciated that you pay with cash.


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