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  • Alain Hocquel - CDT Vaucluse © Alain Hocquel - CDT Vaucluse

French Sceneries

Our itineraries are crafted for independent travelers who enjoy driving around, exploring a region on its back roads and being pleasantly surprised by unexpected sceneries.

French geography is varied, for a small country. You only have to drive for an hour to enjoy a different type of landscape and panoramic views.


best sceneries in France


We will recommend our favorite scenic roads and the best photo stops. 


Our self guided tour under the theme "Sceneries"

Provence landscapes

Southern France from West to East

13 days
Basque Country, Carcassonne & Provence
US$ 3,320
Per traveler, including taxes.
Wine Tasting
Heritage & History
You may not believe it but this is a Paris street...

Northern France at your own pace

16 days
Paris, Loire Valley & Normandy
US$ 4,100
Per traveler, including taxes.
Heritage & History
Gourmet Experience
La Concorde in Paris

Heritage, Wine & Back Roads

10 days
Paris, Normandy & Loire Valley
US$ 3,020
Per traveler, including taxes.
Wine Tasting
Heritage & History


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