From the rugged limestone plateaux down to the luxuriant valleys, Perigord and neighbouring Quercy are lands of contrasts.

Nestled around its 3 rivers: Dordogne, Lot and Vezere ; this region takes you through history from prehistoric times to medieval and renaissance most glorious periods.

Taste authentic duck and goose food, walk through middle-ages bastide-towns and discover the beauty of the countryside and its countless caves. With all these attractions, Dordogne sums up very well everything you will see, taste and experience anywhere in France.

Our self-guided tours in Dordogne

© Gromelle - Grand Angle

The "Tour de France" in 16 days

Villages & Markets, Gourmet Experience, Wine Tasting
US$ 3150
Per traveler, including taxes.

France Just For You has organized its own very special Tour de France. No need for a bike but be ready for a great deal of adventure!


Bordeaux & Dordogne's Heritage in 10 days

Gourmet Experience, Heritage & History
US$ 1970
Per traveler, including taxes.

Start your journey in Bordeaux region for 4 nights, in a former wine estate - 9 miles to Saint Emilion - in a house surrounded by the vineyards.