Brittany is well-known for its stunning rocky coastline and golden sandy beaches. We warmly recommend exploring Brittany's beautiful coastline if you're driving through Brittany.

Many of its beaches have white sand and turquoise crystalline waters that many have compared to the beaches of the Caribbean. So to give you some inspiration in case you plan to visit Brittany, we're sharing some of the best beaches in Brittany in this blog post.

Our favorites include:

Mont Saint Michel Bay

Some would argue that Mont Saint Michel is in Normandy; others say it’s in Brittany. To be honest, it's best to avoid getting into this debate if you’re in Brittany or Normandy! However, we think it’s fair to say that the bay area stretches across the regional border from Normandy into Brittany. 

Those who enjoy walking on the sand (barefoot, if the weather’s warm enough - see below!) will love Mont St-Michel bay. The area also has oyster farms, and you can eat some exceptional oysters in this area. And of course, you’ll have an exceptional view of the islet of Mont Saint-Michel in the distance.

A tour guide with bare feet paddling in the shallow water of the bay of Mont Saint Michel, with Mont Saint Michel islet and abbey in the background. The sky is blue with a few clouds.
A tour guide we work with at Mont Saint Michel Bay

Jean Harbinger, France Just For You traveler

Grande Plage du Sillon, Saint-Malo

This sandy city beach is good for swimming and sunbathing, and has nice views of the 17th-century granite fortress, Fort National. The beach and the walled city of Saint-Malo featured in the novel All the Light We Cannot See by John Doerr, set in the town in World War II. If you enjoyed the book, we can recommend a self-guided walking tour that will take you to places that feature in the story. Even if you haven’t read it, we think you’ll love Saint-Malo. In another blog post, we share some ideas on How to Spend a Day in St Malo, Brittany.

The beautiful beach of Saint-Malo in Brittany. The sand is golden yellow and stretches out to the fortress in the turquoise sea. The weather is sunny.
Saint-Malo beach

Xavier Foucrier - CC0 Unsplash

Saint Tugen Beach

There are many lovely sandy beaches on the Crozon Peninsula. Saint Tugen is nice as it’s away from the crowds and is good for surfing. It’s a ‘wild’ beach with little infrastructure, which may appeal if you prefer a more natural environment. 

There are parts of the beach where you can stroll, and because of the topology you may have the sea on either side of you. It's rather spectacular! If you’re a particular fan of this kind of coastal landscape, it’s worth making a day of it and observing the complete high and low tide cycles.

There should be a lifeguard on the beach until around 6.30pm in the high season.

The sand dunes and golden sands of Saint Tugen beach in Brittany
Saint-Tugen Plage, Trez Goarem

Moreau, Henri - CC-BY SA 4.0

Plage de l'Aber

This is a magnificent beach that is easy to access and has 24-hour parking. You can enjoy fine sand, and may discover some large shells at low tide.

There’s a very nice Creperie, Le Korrigan, nearby, which has excellent views of the beach, a ruined castle, and the town of Morgat. This is only open during the high season, and closes during the winter months.

Plage de l'Aber in Brittany. The beach with the sea and cliffs in the background, stones in the foreground.
Plage de l'Aber, Brittany

Besenbinder - CC-BY SA 3.0

Plage de Morgat 

This is a fantastic sandy beach set in beautiful surroundings, next to the town of Morgat in Crozon. The sea is shallow, the beach is clean, and there are some fairground attractions and places to buy snacks on the quay. It’s ideal if you’re visiting Brittany with children, as there are restaurants and other facilities nearby. 

The beach is particularly beautiful at sunrise before the crowds arrive, and of course at sunset, which many visitors stay to enjoy. You may enjoy a boat trip and kayaking activities - and there’s a cave nearby that you can visit at low tide.

View of the sandy beach, blue sea and surrounding cliffs at the Plage de Morgat beach in Brittany
Plage de Morgat, Brittany

Lamiot - CC-BY SA 3.0

Plage de Trez-Bellec

Located in Telgruc-sur-Mer, this is a scenic beach with a wide shoreline and a gentle sea in a rural setting. It’s a good beach for sunbathing, swimming and doing watersports, and is a good option if you’re visiting with children. Be sure to bring a parasol, as the beach offers little shade.

A panoramic sideways view of the wide golden sandy beach of Trez Bellec in Brittany
Trez-Bellec beach, Brittany

Besenbinder - CC-BY SA 3.0

Plage Saint-Guirec

The Pink Granite Coast (Côte de Granit Rose in French) has breath-taking scenery and many beautiful sandy beaches. Saint-Guirec beach is in the Ploumanac’h area and surrounded by huge pink granite boulders that are typical of this part of Brittany. 

Look out for the old monument that women (in times gone by) would pray to in hope of finding a husband. They would put a needle in the nose of the statue, and if it was still there at the next tide, they would find a husband!

Saint-Guirec beach in Brittany. There are big boulders in the sea, and people paddling, with an island with a building on it in the distance.
Saint-Guirec, Brittany

Jeanne Menjoulet - CC-BY 2.0

Plage de Trestraou

Also on the Pink Granite coast in Perros-Guirec, Plage de Trestraou is great for a family day at the beach. 

It has a lovely beach with great views of the Seven Islands, colorful beach huts, and a few restaurants nearby. There’s a promenade that leads to a coastal footpath and a casino in the town.

Parking may be difficult during the high season, so arrive early in the morning to guarantee your space.

Plage de Trestraou beach in Perros-Guirec, Brittany. The sky is blue and people are sunbathing.
Plage de Trestraou beach in Perros-Guirec, Brittany

Florian Pépellin - CC-BY SA 3.0

Plage de Kerloc’h

These next two beaches are excellent if you enjoy surfing and watersports. In addition, the sea has some of the deepest, stunning blue colors in Brittany. 

Kerloc'h beach is in Camaret-Sur-Mer in Finistère, and is stunning at low-tide. It’s a little way away from the town and shops, so it’s a good place to disconnect. There is parking at the beach but this can fill up fast, so arrive in the morning to guarantee your spot.

You’ll find some pleasant hiking trails nearby with magnificent panoramic views, especially from the cliffs above the beach.

View of Kerloc'h beach in Brittany from inside a cave
Kerloc'h beach in Finistère, Brittany

Giorgio Galeotti - CC-BY 4.0

Plage de la Torche

Another great beach for surfing in Brittany is Plage de la Torche in Plomeur. As well as the sea’s range of stunning blue colors and the beach’s powdery white sand, there are sand dunes as far as the eye can see. It’s a great place to experience the beautiful coastal landscapes of Brittany. This surfer’s paradise can be windy, so bring a wind-breaker if you plan to spend time sitting on the beach.

The beach at Plage de la Torche in Brittany. The waves are big and there are people surfing and kite-surfing
Plage de la Torche - great for surfing!

Jeanne Menjoulet - CC-BY 2.0

Plage des Trois Curés

This gorgeous little secluded cove in Plougonvelin is sheltered from the wind, and a great beach to bring children. The colors of the water in the sun are stunning. 

There’s a little jetty if you want to jump into the water or hold onto to take a rest from swimming. 

Access can be difficult if you have mobility issues. You can either access the beach via a staircase, or via kayak from a nearby beach. The staircase is quite steep with occasionally uneven steps, so be sure to hold onto the handrail and go down slowly.

This beach is quite quiet in the low season, but as it is small, it can get crowded in summer months.

View of white sand and sea of Plougonvelin beach in Brittany from the cliff-top
Beach in Plougonvelin in Brittany

Rhöntommy - CC-BY 3.0

Anse du Pisso

The magical landscape at this pretty little protected beach in Pléneuf-Val-André can be accessed via a coastal path. The beach is sheltered and quite hidden away so it doesn’t get so crowded in the high season. At low tide you can walk to Val André beach, and there is parking above the beach.

View of Anse du Pisso beach in Brittany in the evening
View of Anse du Pisso beach in the evening

Kev22 - CC-BY SA 4.0

Plage du Val André

A beautiful clean beach with plenty of space, lots of restaurants nearby and ample parking.

It’s right next to the town and within walking distance of the local market place.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Brittany, the sea is clean and calm (so this is a good option if you’re traveling with children or if you want to swim) and the water is shallow. The promenade is also nice to stroll along.

Aerial view of the beach at Le Val Andre in Brittany. The sand is golden yellow, there's a town to the right, the sea to the left is turquoise
Aerial view of Le Val André beach

Jmhullot - CC-BY 3.0

Plage des Grands Sables, Groix Island

This beach on Groix Island is accessible by boat from Lorient. You might get the feeling that you’re in the Caribbean because of the beautiful, white, concave sandy beach and crystalline sea water.

The downside is that the nicest beach is a 30-60 minute walk from where the boat leaves you, depending on your pace (though it’s a very pleasant walk along the coastal path). There’s also very little shade on the beach itself. So it’s a good idea to bring a parasol, or to avoid this beach during heatwaves.

The white sandy concave beach on Groix Island in Brittany
The white sandy concave beach, La Plage des Grands Sables, on Groix Island in Brittany

Chisloup - CC-BY 3.0

Belle Ile island

Belle Ile is a small, very off-the-beaten-path island with charming villages, lovely beaches and a turquoise sea.

We prefer to send travelers to the islands in the Gulf of Morbihan, as these are more easily accessible, and offer much of the same beauty as Belle Ile. 

But if you do visit, it’s a very beautiful island to explore by bicycle, electric bike, or on foot along the coastal paths.

Panoramic clifftop view of the beach on Belle Ile island. The sandy beach is white, the sea is several different colors of turquoise and blue.
Belle Ile, Brittany

France Just For You

Plage du Gouret (Tréac'h er Gourèd), Houat island

When we’re sailing around Brittany, we really like to visit the “Grand plage” in Houat island, also called Plage du Gouret. It has a charming village, a long sandy beach, and a Caribbean feel (in spite of the cold sea water). 

The bay is easy to access by boat, with a place to anchor at around 3-5m deep for sailing boats.

Birdseye view of Houat Island from the plane. It's shaped like a three armed boomerang, and you can see the beaches on the bottom and right side of the island
Birdseye view of Houat Island in Brittany

Toubabmaster - CC-BY 3.0

Plage de Béniguet, Saint-Pabu

This beach is very off-the-beaten-path, but worth a stop if you’re driving around this part of Brittany.

Saint-Pabu is a beautiful haven of peace and quiet. Once again, its long white beaches and sand dunes capture a sense of ‘the Caribbean in France’, still with the charm of Brittany. The beach is very pretty and calm, the surrounding area is good for cycling, and the views of sailing boats bobbing in the sea belong on a postcard!

Saint Pabu beach, with a green-turquoise sea and sailing boats bobbing in the distance.
The view of Saint-Pabu beach

Henri Moreau - CC-BY SA 4.0

We hope some of these beautiful photos inspire you to come and visit Brittany! If you would like us to plan a custom self-drive tour of Brittany just for you (based on your wishes and preferences), we warmly invite you to contact us.

Or, you may like to browse our driving tours of Brittany first, to get some ideas!

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