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10 typical French foods to try in France

When you think of French foods, you probably find that snails, frogs legs and crème brûlée are among the first things to come to mind. However, you’re probably not surprised to hear that the French do not eat snails every day!

This article lists some of the delicious and appetizing French dishes that you may not have heard about, and that you should try while you are in France, along with some interesting background information about each dish.

Nougat Glacé Dessert Recipe

ingredients for 8 to 10 servings 

- 100 grams for nougatine (we don't make it, we buy it at the bakery - boulangerie - then crash it in small pieces)

- 150 grams for candied fruits

- 4 egg whites

- 50 grams sugar

- 75 grams of honey

- 50 centiliter of liquid cream (crème fraiche) to make a home made whipped cream

Nougat Glacé Recipe


  • Prepare the whipped cream and put it on the fridge.


Le Sancerrois: delicious cheese & divine wines…What else?

We have explored last week-end, le Sancerrois at the East end of the Loire Valley. This region is mostly famous for the vineyards of Sancerre where, since the Kings of France, the make one of the best white wine in France. They also make red wines, less famous, maybe not worth the detour.

They might remind you of the Burgundy white wine…Beaune is only 130 miles east.

How to make delicious Paté?

This is a recipe that is passed from generations to generations in Emilie's family. Pauline, our 6-month-daugther already learns how to make good pate.

The pork paté is the best of all, the tastiest and the easier to prepare (compared to other types of meats that are more difficult to bone.

To make about 15 preserving jars, like on the picture, you’ll need about 5 kilos of meat (11lb).


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