Brigitte Dumant gives French cooking classes from her beautiful home in Normandy. In this interview, she tells us more about this, and shares some of her best tips for cooking and sourcing the freshest ingredients

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Brigitte and travelers in her garden after a cooking class
Brigitte with travelers Marcia, Elliot, Evelyn & Steve after a cooking class

Marcia, Elliot, Evelyn & Steve

How did you learn to cook?

I learned from my mother, and my family owns six restaurants in Paris! I always loved cooking and having friends home for dinner - isn't it a good combination??

What's special about Norman cuisine?

In Normandy, you can find the best creamy ingredients: cream, cheese, the best apples, and the best Calvados (apple brandy) to flambé what you are cooking!!

Brigitte in her kitchen
Brigitte in her home kitchen, where she teaches her cooking classes

Brigitte Dumant

Where do you source your ingredients?

My husband is busy with the vegetable garden, which includes artichokes, zucchinis, eggplants, squash, tomatoes, and different herbs.

I go to a special farm to buy chicken and I buy local fish (such as scallops, sole, shrimps and crab) from fishermen’s wives at Trouville. They sell the fish their husbands have caught during the day or night directly from the boat, and of course, the fish is very fresh!

My favorite local markets are at Pont-l'Évêque or Deauville, where many local producers sell their products.

Fresh scallops from Normandy
"This morning, I went to the open market at Deauville and I bought scallops in their shells directly from the boat." - Brigitte

Brigitte Dumant

Can you share your favorite cooking tip?

I love to teach travelers how to make sauces, to make dishes extra special. When I prepare a sauce, I always begin slowly and carefully. The secret is to cook it gently and slowly for a long time and not to do it too fast. No hurry!

What are your favorite cooking ingredients? 

I love to use different herbs, such as fresh oregano, chives, tarragon, thyme, and rosemary, to enhance the flavor.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Normandy?

I go to restaurants to have fun with friends or family - this is the most important thing for me - so any restaurant with a special and good atmosphere! We usually go to Les Vapeurs in Trouville, which is a brasserie and an institution.

Brigitte's house in Normandy, where she teaches her cooking classes
Brigitte's house in Normandy, where she teaches her cooking classes

Brigitte Dumant

We are very grateful to Brigitte for taking the time to answer our questions!

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