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  • Stay in a Chateau in France

Follow in the footsteps of the French nobility in old spiral staircases and sleep behind formidable battlements, under the protection of the King of France! Pick your period from the Middle Ages, passing through Renaissance to the Classical era.

All our Bed & Breakfast addresses are conveniently located in venerable stone buildings. However, for those who want to experience the Chateau lifestyle, we will be happy to include some nights in gorgeous castles.

  • These self-guided itineraries take you throughout time and history to timeless residences and cozy mansions.
  • Most of them are B&Bs and in few cases we have selected intimate hotels - located in exceptional places - that meet our requirements in terms of comfort and welcome quality. 
  • We are at your disposal to customize or create your own itinerary, without additional processing fees.


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