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The Best of France

Do you speak tourist?

Do you speak tourist ? Finally a great initiative to improve the quality of the welcome of more than 33 million tourists in Paris area every year. Paris Chamber of Commerce is taking the lead to carry a great campaign to the taxi drivers, hotels, restaurants and storekeepers in the capital of France for them to improve their quality of service to the foreign travelers. This is really true that French people, especially in Paris, have a lot of efforts to make in improving their English skills and understanding the needs of foreign travelers. This website: (which is...

How to sound like a French person

Not only does France have its secrets and hidden beauty, the French language is a journey in itself, where you can get lost even more easily as you try to solve its mysteries. Some examples of these mysteries come to my mind: 'X' or 'S' for plurals and names? For instance the famous Loire Valley “castles” is quite difficult to write correctly. Indeed, the French word “ château ” is written with a “^” (i.e. accent circonflexe ) on the first “a“, which is a reminder of the former “ s ” that used to exist in old French, where ...


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