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Why Cheap Vacation Packages and Discount Hotels in France are a False Economy

When we are buying something important to us – such as a nice vacation package to France – we want to make sure that we pay the right price. Often looking for a vacation package on the best travel destinations, we end up caught in the “cheap vacations” websites, “cheap hotel deals”, “last minute offers” and so on and so forth. All these websites have great pictures to reassure the traveler that he will have a wonderful hotel (he is the only one to get such a good rate on) and the best seat on the flight to Paris. Honeymoon packages, romantic getaways, family vacation packages, everybody can...

Hidden castle near Azay le Rideau

Chateau de l'Islette near Azay le Rideau in the Loire Valley
You have probably not heard of Chateau de l'Islette which is one of the so many chateaus of the Loire Valley...That's a pity! Like its neighbor : Azay-Le-Rideau, it really deserves a visit! Why? Bec ause you can visit a castle that is still inhabited by its owners (which becomes more and more unusual) You will relax in deck chairs all around a gorgeous if you were "at home" Becau se the sculptors Camille Claudel & Rodin spent a romantic summer in 1890 in thoses walls Last but not least, you won't be bothered by the crowds and you will really be able to enjoy the place: inside...

Dinan, a typical Breton town near Mont St Michel

Downtown Dinan
For those who stay in Mount Saint Michel area for little longer than a single night, there is a lot to discover around...especially if you want to get a feel for Brittany ! To see the granit stone houses or the trails along the ocean (Sentier des Douaniers), no need to go as far as Brest at the tip of Brittany peninsula...There are several places that we have included in a day itinerary from Mount Saint Michel accommodation. Dinan is one of them. See Dinan on a general map. Dinan is without doubt one of the most attractive and best restored small cities in Brittany. With its 1.8 mile-long...

We have tested...the River Cruising

River Cruising in the Mayenne River
Even if the Canal du Midi (near Toulouse) is the most famous river cruise in France, there are many more options to relax on a barge (called péniche) in one of the French rivers. There are 113 nautical bases for river cruising, covering about 5,000 miles of waterway. Most of them are located in the Eastern part of France. The South West is also very nice with the Lot or the Canal du Midi. We have tested for you the navigation on the Mayenne river, located near Angers in the Loire Valley. This type of tourism is for travelers who want to go slow and enjoy life ; maybe around a glass of rosé...

Mont Saint Michel Bay away from the crowd?

Mont Saint Michel Bay with a private guide
The answer is YES ! We are just coming back from an exploratory trip in this area. Always looking for new attractions and nice B&Bs. If you like being on the seaside and walking on the beach, we’ve found the perfect guide for you to discover Mont Saint Michel. Our English speaking guide, specialized in the wilderness, was born there and knows every grain of sand in the Bay. He’ll explain you everything from the site’s history, this unique natural place to the thousands of birds you can watch there. Most of the time, you’ll walk barefoot, so you’ll avoid the so mythical quicksand. As we...

Good to know about a balloon ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride in the Loire Valley
A hot air balloon ride is an amazing experience ! It is very peaceful and relaxing. From the balloon, you will discover many properties, gardens and landscapes you can't see from the ground. These are few tips we'd like to share with you : 1. Nobody can tell you in advance where you’ll land. It means that you can't be guaranteed to see this castle or this town. Depending on the winds, in 1 hour ride, you can travel over 5 miles or 12 miles. A car from the balloon company will follow the flight and pick you up at the arrival point to take you back to your car at the departure point. 2...

Exploring the Loire River

The Loire River
The weather was perfect last week-end in the Loire Valley. Guillaume and I took the opportunity to go back along the Loire and explore it 2 different ways. We first took a gabarre tour at sunset. The gabarre used to be the big barge that were transporting all goods until the train was built. In the Loire river it used to be 300 gabarres a week, up and down the river. These boats would be pushed by the currents on their way to Nantes...and to come back, they would use a square sail navigating downwind. While touring, you can taste some local products such as Ste Maure goat cheese, Rillettes de...

Easter week-end in Provence

Roussillon is famous for its ochres
April is a great month to enjoy Provence and the Riviera without the summer crowds. For Easter Monday we have been looking for the traditional chocolate eggs on the Ochre footpath of Roussillon. This charming hilltop village has been built over the biggest ochre deposit in the world ! Even if you cannot help thinking about Bryce Canyon, the ochre footpath meanders through a colorful canyon and "typically French" very old oaks. The longest loop is about a 35 to 40 minute walk...and you can treat yourself with a delicious ice cream watching at the very nice panorama on the Luberon. No matter...


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