Have you ever dreamed of going on a motorcycle tour in France? Maybe you're a biker who has explored your own country by motorcycle and you're ready for new adventures.

If this sounds like you, then just picture this:

Wake up to the soft sounds and delicious aromas of Provence

The sun is rising, the scent of fresh lavender entering by the open window melds with the smell of hot coffee coming from downstairs.

You hear the distant sound of the bells ringing in the church’s spire on the other side of the river. You put on your jacket and grab your helmet as well as a couple of fresh croissants.

The low rumble of the big-twin engine breaks the silence of the sleepy village as you twist the throttle on your faithful machine.

You’re on the road.

Vaison la Romaine

Good morning Vaison-la-Romaine! - © V Martinez


Ride the famous biker routes and marvel at the views

From the old town of Vaison-la-Romaine, you start climbing the Giant of Provence, the 6,273-foot high, famous-amongst-bikers Mont Ventoux.

From its summit, you take some time to enjoy the stunning panoramic views. To the north, the white shimmer of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe. To the south, the deep blue reflections of the Mediterranean Sea.

You take it all in, then let the bike slide downhill towards the rolling lavender fields of Provence.

In the Luberon, you take a stroll through a colorful former ocher extraction site and then ride through the quiet hilltop villages and picturesque farms of the little-known Forcalquier region.

Mont Ventoux

The Giant of Provence - the Mont Ventoux - © V Martinez


Stop and enjoy the dramatic landscape of the 'French Grand Canyon'

You decide to peek down the Verdon Gorge that they call the French Grand Canyon. Watching the turquoise Verdon River snake along the bottom of the dramatic ravine from the top of its plunging cliffs as high as 2,300 feet, is nothing short of unforgettable.

After a fun photo session at the Point Sublime viewpoint, you take some time to regroup in beautiful Castellane, then follow the winding Galange stream to the red rocks and hand-dug tunnels of the Daluis gorges.

Gorges du Verdon

The magnificient Gorges du Verdon - © V Martinez

Ride through the Alps for the 360° view at the top

The road keeps on gaining altitude as you cross the Mercantour National Park on your way to the 8,907-feet high Bonette pass, the highest paved route in the Alps.

After a long, sinuous climb, you made it, you’ve reached the top! From up here, the 360° view of the Alps really is something else, like standing at the edge of the world.

A delightful downhill section later, you grab a bite in the charming town of Barcelonnette and learn more about the peculiar relationship that the little Alpine town has with the country of Mexico.

Take a break by the lake before riding through Alpine forests

While the bike cools down, you take a quick dip in the refreshing water of the gorgeous man-made Serre-Ponçon lake, one of the largest reservoirs in Western Europe.

Serre Ponçon Lake

Go swimming in the amazing Serre-Ponçoon lake - © V Martinez


You feel very small facing the high, rugged cliffs of the Natural Park of Vercors and climb the many switchbacks of the Rousset pass to reach the scenic Vernaisson valley road.

After getting some good ol’ motorcycle fun in the narrow Bourne gorges, you ride across lush alpine forests on the plateaus.

Stroll through charming French towns and vibrant cities

You exit the Vercors mountain range via the dramatic Combe Laval cornice road and its countless tunnels through the rock and reach the Rhône River at the lively city of Valence.

You then take on the highland region of Massif Central. Catching a break in Le Puy-en-Velay, you spend some time strolling through the steep, narrow streets leading to the cathedral.

You get to the dynamic and thriving city of Lyon in the afternoon, just in time to share the apéritif and a hearty dinner in a traditional bouchon lyonnais. The perfect way to end an incredible adventure!

And the best part is: none of the above was a fantasy! You were experiencing part of the Natural Wonders guided motorcycle tour of France.

Totem Moto Tours

Be part of the Totem Moto Tours tribe - © PJ Le Page


Introducing Totem Moto Tours: Guided Motorcycle Tours of France

Vincent – a French local and brother of France Just For You founder Emilie – was your guide on this tour. He's an experienced biker and the founder of Totem Moto Tours, offering tours of the best motorcycle routes in France. We interviewed Vincent last year and he told us all about his adventures traveling through America by motorcycle!

Totem's motorcycle tours include an English-speaking expert guide (Vincent), a support vehicle to carry baggage and premium accommodation along the route. There will be a maximum of 5 bikes on each tour. 

At the time of writing, Totem Moto Tours offers two different 11-day motorcycle tours around different regions of France. One focuses on French heritage, with visits to fascinating historical sites, and the other (described above) introduces you to the most incredible natural wonders in France.

If you're feeling intrigued, visit the website to find out more about Totem Moto Tours' motorcycle tours of France.


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