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    Caen & the WWII Landings

Although most of the city of Caen was destroyed during the WWII bombings, it was quickly rebuilt after the war. The modern architecture blends with the few remains of the historical part - its castle, medieval streets and a few churches. You should not expect to see an "Old City" like in Bayeux 

  • One of the main tourist attractions is the Memorial of Caen, also called “Museum for Peace” which depicts the tragedies of the 20th century, from World War I to World War II and the Normandy landings; from the Cold War to the collapse of the Berlin Wall. After the visit, you may need a little to recover and have a stroll in the nearby rose garden called La Colline aux Oiseaux (the Birds Hill). To fully appreciate the whole museum and garden you would need to plan to spend an entire day there. If you only want to see the Word War II section of the museum, half a day would be enough.
  • If you're only staying in Normandy for a couple of days, we believe it would be better to take a tour of this part of Normandy with one of our guides instead of spending the day in the Caen memorial museum. Hence, we have selected the best tour guides with perfect English and an ample knowledge of the events of the second world war in Normandy. In one day (or even a half-day) they will take you to the important World War II landmarks that were and make you “feel" what happened during the invasion of Normandy. 
  • If you have an ancestor or relative linked to the Normandy landings, please inform us in advance so your guide can do some research about them prior to your tour.


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