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    FAQ » B&B Accommodation

FAQ » B&B Accommodation

Have you ever stayed at a French Bed & Breakfast ? Try it, you won't regret !

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have about this type of accommodation.

What is the difference between a Bed and Breakfast, a self catering and a country inn?

  • Self catering: An independant house/appartement rented for several days. It is equipped with a kitchen and you do not interact with the owner.
  • Country Inn: An owner-operated establishment providing lodging and meals (generally breakfast and dinner). Some provide dinners to overnight guests only, others have full-service restaurants open to the public. Typically 10 or more guest rooms.
  • Bed and Breakfast (B&B) : An owner-occupied dwelling with 1 to 5 guest rooms, plus common areas for guests, usually separated from the owner's quarters. Sometimes you can have homemade diner at the host's table. You feel like you're staying with friends or family.


What is the usual room standard?

Bed & Breakfast we selected for you are all of a high level of comfort, always with private bathroom.

As we know that it matters to you, we have ONLY selected places with wider beds (queen size, at least).

Your hosts will take great care of you but, contrary to hotels, do not expect « room service » or TV in the room.

Do B&Bs have to be licensed and inspected?

French Bed and Breakfasts are inspected and rated by different government agencies or associations that check the level of comfort, health codes and the quality of the welcome. However, do not forget that you are at people’s place, not in a hotel.

While inspections remain a significant tool for measuring the quality of a B&B, our frequent visits are generally the best review.

Can I bring a pet?

For all travelers' comfort, pets are not allowed in most places.

Are towels, sheets and hair dryer provided or should I bring my own

Towels and sheets are always provided. You might need a towel for a pool/river/sea bath.

Also, all B&Bs and boutique-hotel have hair dryers, however, they are not always "professional hair dryers". 

Do I need a cell phone in France?

If you can, we recommend to have a cell phone with you - it is easier for you to reach us or your hosts if you get delayed on the road. Check in your home country, you might be able to get an International Call option for the length of your trip. 

If you can't have a cell phone or an internet device, you can give our contacts to your relatives at home and in case of emergency, we will reach you at the B&B.

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