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    3 good reasons to stop using AIR FRANCE !

3 good reasons to stop using AIR FRANCE !

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...ASSEZ !! (as we would say in French).

For those who haven't heard of the AIR FRANCE pilot strike that has been totally paralizing the whole country for 5 days now...and doesn't seem to come to an end, this is a great summary of the situation: Air France Strike continues

The French pilots are complaining about their wages when they are very well paied compared to the average French people. Of course, they have a lot of constraints and responsibilities..but come on guys! People work in factories everyday of their life and get paid maybe a 10th of what you get!!

The matter is "worldwide labor competition": I would belive that being pilots, you would know that the whole world is within reach...right?

I have to get back to my article's title and give you the reasons:

Reason number 1: When you come to France (for business or on vacation), you don't want to be stuck maybe for 2, 3 or 4 days...in a French airport - whitout any assurance that you'll be able to leave before the strike is over.



Reason number 2: Air France might have a great service onboard, but the comeptition is tough and the new Asian or Middle East airlines offer a great deal of services and often cheaper rates than Air France.

Reason number 3: Once travelers are "airport hostages" because of a strike, it is UNACCEPTABLE to hold for hours on the phone waiting to be taken care of at AIR FRANCE switchboard and after such a long wait to hear there are too many calls so they can't answer you now and they hung up on you!!! It happened to me twice yesterday. I holded for a total of 2hrs30 and could never speak to anyone!
They might have the worst customer service in the world!

For these reasons, next time my travelers ask for advice about the flight tickets - sorry AIR FRANCE but you'll be the last in line.

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